Connecting Manufacturers and Payers to enable faster, better research.


Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR), the first in a suite of tools created by Market Access Transformation (MAT), is an information exchange that allows healthcare stakeholders to secure immediate, global, expert insight and feedback from the largest and most diverse online payer resource available.


As an RPR™ subscriber,
you will receive:

  • Insight when you need it
  • More accurate data
  • Cost savings and efficiency
  • Thought leadership support


As a member of the RPR™ payer
network, you will receive:

  • Schedule flexibility
  • Competitive compensation
  • Direct, anonymous interaction
    with Manufacturers


An average Payer research project today takes 3 months, a team of consultants, and more than $200-300k in budget


With RPR™, get your Payer questions directly answered by global experts in as little as 5 days at a fraction of the cost.