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Ever thought you could sit on a beach, answer a few questions throughout the day and earn enough to pay for your dinner and drinks that evening?

Now you can.

Introducing Rapid Payer Response™ (RPR), a secure, online, payer network and research portal that provides manufacturers with insight on demand.

The RPR™ online portal offers payers a whole new way to participate in double blinded, paid manufacturer research initiatives.

Join Our Payer Network

Our Payer Network

The RPR™ Payer Network is comprised of payers from all over the world.

  • Ever growing payer network. Currently, RPR™ Payer Network has representatives from 24 countries.
  • Payers have a diverse background with expertise on topics such as HTA, health economics, economic modeling, pricing, formulary contracting, specialty biologics/biosimilars/general formulary management, benefit configuration for Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D formularies.
  • Payers have years of experience in assessing oncology, non-oncology, medical devices, and diagnostic products.
Join Our Payer Network


“It gives me the opportunity to provide me answers in an objective way without knowing the actual product or subjective bias from companies.”

– Spain Payer

“I am relieved that I can engage in this research with the flexibility of time. I no longer have to block an entire day to partake in payer research.”

– Italian Payer

“The flexibility and the honoraria structure designed for the RPR tool is great for payers looking to engage in more payer research and gain extra cash.”

– US Payer